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Technologies and services for smart esperiences

Tourism is a sector changing all the time: to be effective and competitive you need an innovative web site or portal with all the latest solutions for supporting the user experience online and onsite on every device.

Research and innovation

Thanks to research and innovation projects, we continously develop new technologies for our solutions

Tourism Web Marketing

The most effective communication to promote your destination and tourist services. Inspire, convince and ensure customer loyalty by exploiting marketing strategies, such as SEO for search engine positioning.

Last project

Last project

The Nois Plus Project

Technological platform for the cultural promotion of Sardinian tourism: app, site and portal with interactive, immersive and sensorial digital experiences.

Latest blog news

04 June, 2022

The new Portal of the Cuneo Local Tourist Office

Finally also the new portal of the Local Tourist Office of the Cuneo area is online! Our work is great, because we get to know so many beautiful places around Italy! And Cuneo was a...

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04 March, 2022

Nois Plus Project

The platform developed by the Nois Plus project combines tourism promotion and cultural offerings, fostering the development of alternative and sustainable tourism through interactive, immersive...

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04 March, 2022

The new App of the Sacri Monti gets itself known

Developed by Suggesto and Aedeka, it offers itineraries, graphic and geographical maps, which, thanks to augmented reality, allow visitors to enter the chapels and admire the spectacular...

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